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A character I dreamed about... by lamo123
A character I dreamed about...
Now I will say this doesn't really look like her, what she did in my dream. Though I did the best I did and what the site offered me, and I will explain her orginal look down under her bio
Name: Death (That was her name in my dream)

Age: ?????

Gender: Female

Species: ?????

Favorite color: Black and red

Favorite drink: Tea

Weapon: Scythe

Lives: Her own world, she made.

Danger level: High

personality: Caring, stubborn, smart, fast thinker, quite.

Likes: Books, her scythe, sometimes being alone, her friends, her world.

Dislikes: People attacking the people she loves, people messing with her world, bad tea.

Bio: Death lives in a world that she created herself, she created the people and everything. She controls everything in that world, her castle lives in the sky, and is like in ruins, though she uses her power to make it able to move in there. She is called death, because that what people called her. She killed people, and if she got shot or stab, or sliced. She would just get back up and as if nothing really happen... (Not a lot of bio on her)

Now before I truly explain what she really looks like, I want to tell you what the dream was about, you see my dream was realted to a anime, if some people might know it, the anime is called Rozen maiden. Now if people want me to tell what the dream was, just asked me, and I'll send a note of what it was and a full story of what it was.
What she really looks like

Hair: Long hair that goes past her feet, has white square spots around it going down it, though in my dream her hair almost when she was sitting on her bed it was like laying on the bed circling her a bit.

eyes: Grey eyes that are like a thunderstorm.

Dress: (Is what she is kind a wearing, though not exectly it)

Height: I will say, well in my dream it was like I change size (Not tiny or giant like that) Though I'm going to say she's short..

Shoes: Black heel shoes.

I want to say I really loved my dream, and I can't remember what she sounded like, though I really loved my dream and I hope I have it again... now remember if want to hear how my dream went, I'll tell you in a story on notes.. though I don't remember everything from my dream, like this one girl name, she was a doll that was alive, and *Rubs my head* I don't remember her name really ^^; Though yeah I did my best to what she looks like, also she did have a ring of a skull.
Gaia and Espurr by lamo123
Gaia and Espurr
Name Gaia
Gender: Female
species: Gardevoir
Personilty: Nice, sweet, scary, caring, sadist (Sometimes), can be evil.
Likes: Being the center of attention, being liked, dancing, being number 1, reading, music, dancing, her trainer (Me), her whip. Her best friend Espurr.
Dislikes: little bit of mewthree, not being liked, when I get hurt, someone stopping her music, someone taking her whip. People who say they can dance though they can't.. Not being number 1 or center of attention, being told she's not cute.
Best friend: espurr.

Name: Espurr
Gender: Female
Personailty: Uh I don't really know, she's kind a mischievous, and nice to. Though is very quite sometimes, and creeps up on people
Like: Being petted, sleeping, watching people (lol) tv, games, her friend Gaia
Dislikes: being told that she is creepy, loud noises.
Best friend: Gaia.
The arival of two new pokemon by lamo123
The arival of two new pokemon
Me: Hey guys I just want you guys to meet my two new pokemon Gaia and Espurr.
Gaia: (The gardevoir) it's very nice to meet you all.
Espurr: *On her head* Espurr.. O-O (XD)

Panel 2;
Gaia: *Looks at mewthree who was by the fire* Hmm..
Mewthree: Hm?

panel 3;
Mewthree: *Was cooking in the kitchen as the door opens*
Gaia: Hey mind if I help you? *She said with a smile*
Mewthree: oh sure..
Gaia: *Smiles sweetly.*

Panel 4:
*as they were cooking, as Gaia stops*
Gaia: You won't be number 1 for long...
Mewthree: Huh?

panel 5;
Gaia: You might be our trainer favorite pokemon, and main. Though now that will soon change... I will make sure i'm his favorite pokemon... though I might be sweet and nice, though if keep getting in my way. I won't be.. *She said looking at her*
Mewthree mind: Ok what the hell is wrong with this chick? O.o

Panel 6;
Gaia: Well let's get back to cooking *She said with a sweet smile again, like everything she just said didn't happen...*
Mewthree: uh... o-o
was tagged by :icondrykid12: and :iconpowerofsky:

Pokemon Randomizer:
(Switch to "All Regions" and "1")
Only one Pokemon per question. Tag one or more people when you are finished.

1. This Pokemon is your best friend.

Uh... no hugs then OnO

2. This Pokemon is your boss that you need to impress for a promotion.


I will do my best! ^w^

3. This Pokemon is your partner for a science project.


Defiantly getting A+ then~ 

 4. This Pokemon is looking for every possible way to murder you.


5. This Pokemon is your mother-in-law.


Wow... I always was a cat person ^^

6. This Pokemon is your boyfriend/ girlfriend.

Lol I guess she's super active owo

7. This Pokemon is your ex.
Well she kept trying to suck me into a hole (lD) XD sorry..

8. This Pokemon stalks you every waking moment.


well she is a queen.. I don't know what to do...

9. This Pokemon likes to snuggle with you.


It makes me being held down so it can.. -n-

10. This Pokemon ate all your cheesecake.



11. This Pokemon is what you felt in your bed last night.

Oh my god XD

12. This Pokemon banged your mom.


Mom... what the fuck XD

13. This Pokemon will do anything to get in your pants.

ono *Runs*

14. This Pokemon died by your own hands.

I hugged it to tight.. ;n;

15. This Pokemon is your loyal companion for life.



16. This Pokemon reads you bed time stories.

It tells me about Atlantis

17. This Pokemon is your loving pet.


It's so cute~

18. This Pokemon is your creepy dentist.
Oh god... he has his own drill.

19. This Pokemon is what you dream about every day.

it's crabby XD

20. This Pokemon is what you found in your basement when you moved into your new house.


I tag~ :iconhydranoid2009: :iconspyrofan12345: :iconroselovehunt: :iconzeno-mcarthy:
Have fun my friends~


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